NES educates families on carbon footprint reduction at Fisk University seminar  

Nashville Electric Service (NES) recently hosted a virtual presentation for Fisk University titled ““Reducing Home Energy Usage”. The presentation was a part of the Fisk University-MSAC virtual community workshop, “Reducing the Family’s Carbon Foot Print.” 

Robbie Smith, a Senior Engineer in NES’ Energy Services Department gave the presentation as a way to inform families on how they can reduce their overall carbon footprint. The workshop was held via Zoom, and NES was invited to participate by Dr. Robert C. Wingfield Jr., Associate Professor Discipline of Chemistry Fisk University.  The collaboration happened because Wingfield stopped by the NES tent at Earth Day and invited the utility to present at the workshop. 

Did you know that 100 percent of the electricity that powers your home is generated by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) via hydroelectric dams, fossil fuel-fired resources and nuclear plants and renewable energy sources? NES purchases that power and delivers it across the grid to more than 430,000 customers.  

Another reason for lower CO2 emissions is the fact that electricity use has decreased thanks to more efficient homes, appliances and technical devices. Customers are taking advantage of free tools to help them save, whether it be the Home Uplift program, do-it-yourself energy audit or PowerWise Bill Analyzer

Whether it’s empowering customers to make easy, energy-saving choices or reducing our impact by diversifying our strategies, we are committed to promoting responsible energy use.