NES Recognizes National Lineworker Appreciation Day

Each year, July 10 marks National Lineworker Appreciation Day and NES is proud to highlight our dedicated lineworkers. While the observance has been celebrated on many different days throughout the years, the House of Representatives passed a resolution in 2019 that officially marked July 10 as National Lineworker Appreciation Day.

For several years, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), the Utility Workers Union of America (UWUA), and the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) has recognized Lineworker Appreciation Day on July 10 in honor of the IBEW’s first president, Henry Miller. Miller suffered a fatal fall from a utility pole on July 10, 1896.

Since then, Lineworker Appreciation Day has honored the nation’s hardworking team of electrical lineworkers, who often work around the clock in hazardous conditions to ensure their community has safe and reliable power. Electrical lineworkers also help create and advance clean energy initiatives, ensuring a more resilient future.

The past year alone, NES’ skilled lineworkers have responded to tornadoes, snowstorms and severe weather conditions, ensuring more than 430,000 residential and commercial customers have access to safe and reliable power.

We are grateful for the tireless efforts of our lineworkers to keep Music City powered and appreciate the several employees a part of NES’ 1,000 Strong that support our customers from afar while our lineworkers are in the field restoring power.

We are honored to celebrate our lineworkers and NES’ commitment to safe and resilient energy.