NES Attends Antioch Community Meeting to Discuss Severe Weather and Infrastructure Updates

On January 25, Nashville Electric Service’s VP – Chief Customer and Innovation Officer Brent Baker, VP of Operations Vaughn Charles and Attorney Antonio Carroll attended a neighborhood meeting in Antioch, discussing power-related topics and questions from the community. 

One of the striking topics was the aftermath of last week’s record-breaking winter storm. Nashville reached its yearly snowfall average of 7.6” within 24 hours and temperatures dipped below zero for only the second time since 1996. The system energy peak was 2,841 megawatts which set a new NES record, surpassing December 2022’s peak of 2,780 megawatts which resulted in TVA-mandated rolling blackouts. This time around, NES is proud to note that despite frigid temperatures, record-breaking precipitation and higher energy demand, NES customers did not experience rolling blackouts. 

Recent severe weather conditions may have caused increased energy usage and can result in a dramatic increase in energy bills. Baker, Charles and Carroll highlighted ways NES can help customers manage their energy and apply for assistance with their bills. 

NES also discussed the December 9 Tornado and showcased NES’ new text message system. Although teams are working to continue building out the text message system, NES was able to successfully deploy 22,610 messages to customers experiencing prolonged outages due to the tornado. 

Another pertinent topic was infrastructure updates across Middle Tennessee. Among these updates are the design and construction of the Cane Ridge substation to improve resiliency and reliability, as well as the new lighting upgrades following the LED project

NES thoroughly enjoyed meeting with members of the community to hear their concerns, address areas of improvement, as well as provide important updates regarding infrastructure, reliability and resiliency. Baker, Vaughn and Carroll were glad to relay the community’s appreciation for NES employees during this winter’s severe weather for going the extra mile to serve the community, whether that be sleeping at the office, meeting with customers or working extra hours in below-freezing conditions. 

NES thanks our customers in Antioch for allowing us to engage in meaningful conversations, as well as provide important information and updates. To learn more about NES initiatives, news and energy-saving tips, visit