Travel Smart With These Holiday-Proof Energy Tips 

The holidays are almost here, which means holiday travel is almost here. Before you pack your bags and are on your way to visit your loved ones, check out these holiday-proof energy saving tips! 

  1. Change your thermostat temperature. You can save money on your electric bill by lowering your room temperature to the lowest comfortable setting. We recommend setting your thermostat to 68 degrees to keep energy consumption low while you’re away from home! 
  1. Unplug your devices! Whether you’re gone for one day or one week, unplugging your unused devices will keep your space from using excess energy when you’re not there! 
  1. Close Your Curtains. During the winter months, high-quality curtains can reduce heat loss by around 40%!  
  1. Set a timer on lights. This will ensure that certain lights are on throughout your home only when needed and avoids excess energy use while keeping your home safe. 
  1. Check Your Refrigerator Thermostat. We recommend your refrigerator stays between 35 and 38 degrees fahrenheit and your freezer stays between 0 and 5 degrees fahrenheit for safe and energy-efficient food storage. 

Use these tips and save more on your energy bills this holiday season. For more energy-saving tips and tricks, visit