Tequila Cowboy Uses Energy Right Solutions to Keep Customers Comfortable

Nashville is one of the top destination locations for tourists, and the city’s growth has been amazing to watch. But what do you do when you are a restaurateur who wants to open a store on bustling Broadway when more than half of the year it’s hot and humid? Purchase a variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system – one of the latest and most effective smart energy technologies on the market, of course!

Tequila Cowboy’s Adam Hesler did just that – by working with Nashville Electric Service (NES), TVA’s EnergyRight® Solutions and preferred partner the Weidt Group. They installed several non-ducted VRF systems from Mitsubishi Electric throughout the facility. This included the outdoor condensing units as well as the indoor air distribution boxes on each floor.

The project scope of work was for 72 tons of cooling, but the restaurant ended up installing several more units to condition the restaurant next door as well – Luke’s 32 Bridge – for a total of 85,000-square-feet of conditioned space.

VRFs are catching on in popularity and there are many reasons why. Aside from being energy efficient, they offer consistent comfort throughout a space no matter how big or how small. Other advantages are they can simultaneously heat and cool based on what is needed in different areas of a building. They operate quietly and installation is very flexible. Often the systems are placed outside of the building, such as on the roof, so unlike traditional HVACs, a separate room is not required for storage.

This type of smart technology is something TVA and local power company NES can support together.

“We are happy to support local businesses,” said NES Energy Services Engineering Manager Tony Richman. “This cost-effective technology is a great example of how NES and TVA partner together to help Nashville businesses grow through smart energy projects.”

“TVA’s partnership with Nashville Electric Service allows us to be trusted energy advisors, offering innovative technologies that retain and grow business in the Valley,” said Cindy Herron, vice president, EnergyRight Solutions. “VRF is starting to gain traction in the marketplace and is a very attractive and affordable technology.”

For more information on how your business can participate, visit www.EnergyRight.com or call 866-233-0450 today.