Radnor Lake Aviary Project

Two years ago, NES began donating wooden poles to help construct a boardwalk and several exhibit cages for a new aviary at the Radnor Lake State Natural Area. The cages will be used to house injured owls, hawks and other birds before they are returned to their natural habitats.

The aviary will take place in three phases over several years. Phase 1 is the construction of a boardwalk and six cages to house raptors (owls, hawks and other birds of prey). Phase 2 is the completion of the permitting process and securing a bald eagle from the U.S. Government. Phase 3 is a flight pen and rehab center, which will allow rangers to undergo rehab training for treating injured birds and returning them to the wild.

The aviary project is one of the most significant undertakings of any state park in the system. NES is proud to be part of the construction efforts with the donation of utility poles. A grand opening celebration is planned for the fall.