NES seeking new applicants for free home energy upgrades & renovations through Uplift program with TVA

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – In partnership with the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), Nashville Electric Service (NES) is looking to help more customers in need through the Home Uplift program.  

The Home Uplift program has been providing efficiency upgrades for residents since its launch in 2018. The program is designed for limited-income homeowners who cannot afford renovations or upgrades on their own and gives qualified homeowners deep energy retrofits and tools to make their homes as efficient as possible, saving “uplifted” homeowners an average of $534 per year.  

Each improvement is valued at approximately $8,600 per home and saves the homeowner about $500 a year on power bills. The effects of these upgrades will lower their utility costs and improve their overall health, comfort and quality of life.   

Homes that are well insulated have improved indoor air quality, which can reduce sickness. Studies show that those who live a healthy, comfortable life at home miss fewer days of work and school than those who are battling issues due to challenging living conditions. NES customers who qualify for the program receive valuable energy efficiency upgrades like air sealing, duct sealing/replacement, attic insulation, water heater and pipe insulation, wall insulation, HVAC clean and tune, HVAC replacement, windows and door replacement, heat pump water heater, refrigerator replacement, LED bulbs and low flow showerheads.  

“Every one of our customers deserves to live in a home that helps maintain their overall health and doesn’t generate an enormous energy burden,” said Decosta Jenkins, NES President and CEO. “With programs like the Home Uplift and the Power of Change, Nashville Electric Service can continue to make that possible.”  

To qualify, customers must: 

  • Meet income guidelines  
  • Own and occupy a single-family site-built or manufactured home. A manufactured home must be on a permanent foundation and built after 1976.  
  • Be the primary NES account holder  
  • Participate in a home energy evaluation 

Customers who are interested can apply here.  For more information on Home Uplift, visit  


At the beginning of 2022, NES launched the Power of Change program, an opt-out program that rounds up customer bills to the nearest dollar every month to help fund the Home Uplift program. With the help of customers who remain opted into the program, NES intends to improve the homes and lives of even more customers throughout its service area. 

About NES  

Nashville Electric Service (NES) is the 11th largest public electric utility in the nation, distributing energy to more than 400,000 customers in Middle Tennessee. For more information, visit