NES Receives Department Of Energy Award

NES Receives Department Of Energy Award

NASHVILLE, TN — Nashville Electric Service (NES) is one of approximately 30 Middle Tennessee organizations to receive the Clean Cities Award from the Department of Energy (DOE). The award was presented to NES President & CEO Decosta Jenkins and Fleet Manager M.C. Kent on October 13 at a special ceremony in Centennial Park.

Dave Pelton from DOE recognized NES for efforts to proactively meet governmental regulations for vehicle specifications and fuel requirements. NES presently has 69 alternative fuel vehicles in its fleet.

“NES is committed to being a good corporate partner, and purchasing alternative fuel vehicles is one of the many efforts NES has undertaken to improve the air and the overall quality of the environment in Nashville.”

NES also received an award this year from the Environmental Protection Agency for voluntarily reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, a program in which NES has participated since 1996. NES actively promotes Green Power Switch, a program that encourages the use of renewable energy sources (wind, solar and landfill gas). Nearly 1,500 residential customers presently participate in the program.

In addition, NES is one of the first utilities in the world to install and test transformers filled with BioTrans, environmentally friendly soy-based oil that replaces the standard mineral oil normally used in transformers. Using soy oil, which is highly biodegradable, makes spills much less damaging to the environment.