NES Provides Holiday Energy-Savings Tips

The holidays are quickly approaching, and Nashville Electric Service (NES) is offering some tips to lower your bill while traveling. Here are a few guidelines that will help you be energy efficient, even while away from home:

  • Do not turn off your HVAC system. Rather, bump your heat several degrees lower than normal to control your home’s interior temperature. Turning it off completely can result in higher energy usage upon your return, and also puts your pipes at risk of freezing.
  • Unplug electronics and small appliances. When plugged in, these continue to use energy. An easy way to “unplug” is by using surge protector power strips for your electronics so you can easily flip the switch off when you leave and back on when you return.
  • Set a timer on lights. This will ensure that certain lights are on throughout your home only when needed and avoids excess energy use while keeping your home safe.
  • Lower your water heater setting. Setting your water heater to the recommended 120 degrees will decrease energy consumption.

NES also recommends confirming that your bills are paid before traveling to avoid any issues upon return. You can check your account online or call 615-736-6900 if you have questions.