NES Postpones ‘Change for Charity’ Program

NES Postpones ‘Change for Charity’ Program

Nashville, Tenn. – Nashville Electric Service (NES) will postpone indefinitely implementation of a new program, called Change for Charity, that would have allowed its customers to donate approximately 50 cents per month to local charities.

At least eighty (80) percent of the dollars donated would have gone to provide utility assistance for needy families, and the balance would have been distributed to local 501(c)3 charitable organizations for other social service programs in the community.

The program was modeled after other utility programs throughout the state and country. Through these programs, customers’ electric bills are round up to the next whole dollar amount, and all proceeds are donated to charitable organizations. Customers choose not to participate in the program by simply notifying their utility, and numerous methods are made available for customers to opt out of the program.

“We received feedback from customers that they prefer opt in programs, like NES’ Project Help program,” said NES CEO Decosta Jenkins. “While this new program would have provided much-needed assistance to charitable organizations in our community, we are listening to our customers and will not implement Change for Charity at the present time.

“In the meantime, I encourage customers to participate in our opt in program, Project Help,” Jenkins continued. “We are hearing from customers and from social services agencies every day about the growing need – families are struggling to pay for the basics, such as food and utility bills.”

Sign up for Project Help online. The program is administered by Big Brothers, and all money donated goes to help provide energy assistance for needy families in our community.