NES observes Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

May is Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Heritage Month and NES celebrates all people across the nation who are a part of these communities.

According to 2020 census data, people who identify as AANHPI made up 6.2 percent of the U.S. population – totaling 20.6 million people. The U.S. Census Bureau highlighted the growth of this community in the U.S. as it estimated Asians made up 24.7 million of the population while Native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders made up 1.8 million in 2022.

This observance was originally established in 1977 and started out as “Asian/Pacific American Heritage Week.” Since then, it has grown into a monthlong celebration. The month of May was chosen due to two significant events − the first Japanese immigrants arrived in the U.S. on May 7, 1843 and the final spike for the transcontinental railroad track was embedded on May 19, 1869 and Chinese workers were at the forefront of that labor.

This year, there are several observances happening throughout the United States to commemorate the sacrifices, hardships, successes and triumphs of those who identify as AANPHI. Join NES in paying tribute to the generations of AANPHI persons who have enriched America’s history and are instrumental in its future success.

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