NES Attends All Antioch Community Meeting

On April 11, NES attended the All Antioch Community meeting. NES Vice President of Operations – Transmission & Distribution Vaughn Charles spoke to customers about ongoing and upcoming service updates. Metro Codes, Planning, NDOT, Police and Fire were also in attendance to share updates with the community.

The meeting was hosted by District Council members Deonte Charles (District 8), Erin Evans (District 12), Russ Bradford (District 13), David Benton (District 28), Tasha Ellis (District 29), John Rutherford (District 31), Joy Styles (District 32), Antoinette Lee (District 33) and Delishia Porterfield, Council Member At Large. 

Our team enjoyed speaking with the Antioch community about how we continue to monitor and upgrade our systems to provide all customers with safe, reliable and cost-efficient power. Special thanks to the District Council members and the Antioch community for having us!