Nashville Business is First to Sell Power to TVA

Nashville Business is First to Sell Power to TVA

Nashville, Tenn. – Green Power Switch isn’t the only green program offered through NES and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). Generation Partners goes a step further by providing support and incentives for the installation of solar and wind generating facilities. Customers produce their own green energy and sell it back to TVA. Fifteen cents for every kilowatt-hour of power generated is then credited to their account.

Street Dixon Rick Architecture is the first business in Nashville to become a Generation Partner. Their rooftop on Kenner Avenue in Nashville is drawing lots of attention… and sunlight. They’ve just installed 72 photovoltaic solar panels on top of their building.

Why’d they do it? The firm’s co-owner, Steve Rick says, “We’ve been telling our customers all along to ‘think green’, and we felt like it was time for us to do the same.”

The upfront cost to buy and install a photovoltaic system isn’t cheap. Small installations can run anywhere from $8,000 to $20,000. The project at Street Dixon Rick is the largest system in the Generation Partners program and has the potential to generate 12 kilowatts per hour (kWh) of green energy.

The architecture firm will receive additional assistance through the Tennessee Clean Energy Technology grant program, which will pay up to 40-percent of a clean energy technology system.

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