How NES Provides Power to Your Home

Providing power isn’t as easy as flipping a switch. It’s a complicated process that involves many steps. In fact, it take hundreds of specially-trained employees to deliver electricity from TVA to NES to your home.

Check out the How NES Provides Power Infographic for a simple explanation.

Electricity has a long way to travel from the power plant where it was produced to your street. The current is sent through transformers that increase the voltage to push the power long distances.

When it reaches a substation, the voltage is lowered so it can be distributed to smaller power lines. Those distribution lines run through your neighborhood where transformers reduce the voltage again so that it’s safe to use in your home.

A service wire is connected from the transformer to a meter on your property that measures how much energy your family uses each month. The NES meter passes current to your service panel, where circuit breakers or fuses protect against overloading, and the wiring inside your walls which connect to outlets and switches all over your house.