Home Uplift Recipient Testimonial: Sonya

Sonya’s East Nashville home emanates warmth. Natural light floods through the large windows and reflects off the bright blue walls. It was her father’s home, which became hers when he passed in 1992. This house is rich with memories, so naturally, she has always intended to stay here as she ages. However, Sonya understood the house was in dire need of upgrades that she might not be in a financial position to make. 

Sonya, a cosmetologist, was working on a client when she first learned about the Home Uplift Program. It sounded like an ideal opportunity for her situation. She submitted an application, was approved, and received the renovations her home so desperately needed, all at no cost.  

When did you Uplift your home? 

I got the renovations and improvements done 3 years ago. I am so glad I had a conversation about the Home Uplift program with one of my clients, who just so happened to work for the Tennessee Valley Authority. Word of mouth really does go a long way.  

What improvements or upgrades did you receive through the program? 

I got new insulation, new windows installed in every room of my home, and even had the fence repaired all the way around. The workers also installed a new back door.  

What differences have you noticed since upgrading your home?  

It doesn’t take a long time to heat or cool down my home. I used to have to set my thermostat extremely high or extremely low to get it to the right temperature. I can now walk around the house with no socks and a t-shirt on in the wintertime, so I feel like I’m winning! 

How has this impacted your quality of life? 

I have bad allergies and the insulation and new windows have helped me a lot with my breathing during the seasonal changes. My electric bill has also gone down tremendously. Granted, given the inflation we’re experiencing has increased the price of practically everything, but there is a noticeable difference in the way my home feels. 

Your home was the xxth home to be “Uplifted” and there was a big block party on your street to celebrate. What was that like? 

It was amazing. The entire neighborhood came out to celebrate and the streets were blocked off. The neighbors still talk about it today. Honestly, we all wish we could have another! 

What do you want to people who are skeptical about the Home Uplift program to know?  

You can’t tell someone about something if you haven’t experienced it. From my experience, I feel the difference the Home Uplift Program has made in my pockets and in the comfort of my home. People have to trust you, and trust is a big thing. So, I try to make sure when I talk to people, I give the best of the knowledge that I have. After my experience, I went door to door to spread the word about Home Uplift, and since then more people on my block have applied and received the same benefits.