“Green” NES Customers Set All-Time Record

“Green” NES Customers Set All-Time Record

Nashville, Tenn. – Nashville Electric Service (NES) has its best two months ever for Green Power Switch® sign ups. The number of customers buying green power has more than doubled since this time last year. Interest in green power and environmentally-friendly initiatives is on an upward spiral. The proof is in the numbers.

NES Green Power Sign Ups

  • May 06 – 280
  • May 07 – 340
  • June 06 – 193
  • June 07 – 434

NES says it is just 185 sign ups away from exceeding last year’s total. If the trend continues, that difference will be made up in a matter of one month. Last year, 1,199 customers enrolled in the program, and NES could easily break the 2,000 mark this year. The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) reached its own milestone this past spring with its 10,000th residential Green Power Switch customer.

What makes green power “green”? Renewable resources like solar power, wind power and methane gas produce energy for today and are still available tomorrow because they are energy sources derived from nature that don’t get used up as they generate power.

Green Power Switch began on Earth Day 2000. Purchasing two blocks of green power each month for a year is the environmental equivalent of recycling 15,322 aluminum cans, 1,766 pounds of newspaper or planting an acre of trees. To find out more, visit www.nespower.com or www.greenpowerswitch.com.