Crews restore power to Downtown Nashville following massive and unexpected outage

Earlier this week, NES customers in the downtown area experienced a large outage that impacted both residents and businesses occupying the area.

The outage occurred in the Nashville Yards area and was caused by a contractor who mistakenly damaged NES equipment while installing lighting for a residential development. The Contractor drilled through a duct bank holding circuits, creating outages for nearly 50 large structures in the area, including commercial buildings like Amazon, Union Station, the Grand Hyatt hotel and Tennessee State University.

NES crews moved swiftly to restore power to the impacted area, with restoration expected to take several hours. Our crews were on the ground working to repair the damaged circuit while our Energy Services department employees reached out to customers to notify them of the outage, NES’ restoration efforts and other pertinent updates.

After nearly five hours, crews were able to successfully restore power to all customers in the area. We’re proud to have such dedicated employees who are devoted to serving our customers and Music City. Additionally, we are grateful to our customers for their patience and understanding during challenging times. We’re honored to serve Music City.