Considering planting a Bradford Pear Tree? Plant these instead. 

Spring has sprung! If you’re looking to beautify your yard with a new tree, beware of the Bradford Pear Tree. While Bradford Pear trees have beautiful blossoms, they have the potential to create several issues for your property. 

Bradford Pear trees, which are not native to the U.S., have a pungent smell. During storms, they are prone to breakage, making your home more susceptible to damage and possible power outages from broken branches. Metro Water Services (MWS) is urging Nashvillians to avoid planting Bradford Pear trees. 

Still want to plant a tree? Learn more about which trees MWS recommends, as well as other tree planting and care practices here

Remember to always call 811 before you dig to ensure your new tree will not hit any of your established utility lines. 811 is a free service and takes approximately 72 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) to evaluate your area. 

Enjoy tree planting!