2005 Tour des Trees Peddles into Nashville

2005 Tour des Trees Peddles into Nashville

NASHVILLE, TN- After six days of hard riding, bikers from all across the country made their final stop along the Natchez Trace in Nashville at the Warner Park Nature Center this weekend. Tour des Trees, which raises money for the Tree Research & Education Endowment Fund (TREE Fund), supports research on trees and promotes the importance of our urban and community forests.

Nashville Electric Service is a proud sponsor of 2005 Tour des Trees and was on hand to welcome each rider as they crossed the finish line.

Teresa Corlew, spokesperson for NES says, “We value the important role trees play in our urban environment, and we work hard every day to keep trees alive and healthy while maintaining reliable electric service. That requires us to trim trees on a regular basis. But in doing so, we follow a specific method developed by the International Society of Arboriculture and approved by the National Arborist Association, the National Arbor Day Foundation and the Metro Tree Ordinance. Lateral pruning keeps the overall structure of the tree strong while future growth is directed away from power lines.”

NES planted over 11,000 trees in the last three years and is now working to help a Nashville neighborhood serve as a model for the planting of “utility-friendly” trees.

Tour des Trees is America’s largest tree fundraising event, raising nearly $3 million since its inception. Thanks to pledges from individuals and corporations, cyclists receive seed money that helps trees flourish across the world for every mile they ride.