Tips for the Holiday Season

Small Changes to Keep Your Energy Under Control

With holiday traditions often including extra baking and entertaining, your kitchen will be getting quite the work out. Here are a few tips to keep your energy costs down:

  • Keep the Oven Door Closed – Cracking the oven to check on your roasting bird causes the internal temperature to drop, which means the oven has to use more energy to stay at a constant temperature. Instead, turn on the oven light and monitor items through the window.
  • Stuff the Oven – Whenever possible, put several dishes in the oven at once to cut down on the amount of cooking time throughout the day.
  • Fire Up the Microwave – Many side dishes can be cooked in a microwave, which uses just a fraction of the electricity that ovens do. A slow cooker can help ease the oven’s burden as well.
  • Choose the Proper Burner – Use pots and pans that are relatively the same size as the burner you’re cooking on. Large amounts of energy are lost when a small pot sits on a large burner.

Just a few simple changes can go a long way in keeping your energy costs under control this holiday season. See the insert in this month’s bill for more ways to save.