Summer savings tips that also help beat the heat

Summer is here and when temperatures rise, so do your electric bills. Hot weather increases the demand for electricity to keep homes cool. So, NES has come up with a few great tips to help customers keep their bills under control:

  • Seal it up for summer.
    • Keep hot air out and cool air in by using caulk or weather strips to create strong seals on doors, windows and your attic access.
  • Be a fan of fans.
    • Keep your fans spinning all summer long! They allow you to raise your thermostat about 4° without any lost comfort.
  • Get smart before you get away.
    • No one’s using water while you’re gone – so why waste energy heating it? Before leaving for vacation, take a trip to your water heater and switch it off.
  • Seize the heat.
    • If it’s going to be hot, you might as well use it to your advantage! Opt for line drying clothes instead of using your dryer, which only adds to the heat and humidity in your home.
  • Clean out your AC unit.
    • Make sure your outside air conditioning unit is free of debris, and schedule regular maintenance to keep it running efficiently.
  • Trust the trees.
    • A well-placed tree can reduce cooling costs by 25%. But remember, before you plant a tree, make it power-line friendly by following these guidelines for planting locations:
      • Plant leafy shade trees in the south and west
      • Plant evergreens in the north
  • Close the curtains.
    • Keeping curtains and blinds closed on the sunny side of the home can block out some of the heat, while opening them on the shady side provides natural lighting without raising the temperature.
  • Unplug it.
    • TVs, game consoles and DVRs continue to use power when plugged in, even after they’re switched off. Use power strips or unplug electronics to avoid wasting kilowatts.

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