NES Update for Saturday, Dec 9 – 9 PM

At Nashville Electric Service, we are saddened by the loss and devastation caused by today’s deadly storms and are committed to help the Nashville region recover.  

At this hour, NES crews continue to assess damage across the entire service area. Currently there are about 39,000 customers without power. We know the North and Hendersonville substations were significantly damaged, and we have support crews on site to determine the extent of repairs needed and to develop restoration plans. We are also working with TVA on assessing the transmission lines feeding the Hendersonville area.

NES is taking extra precautions to keep crews safe while continuing to work 24/7 until all power is restored, and additional crews have been called in. Right now, our major focus is on the transmission infrastructure and substations that supply power to the Hendersonville area. We are working to restore as much power as possible, as quickly as possible, but the damage is severe and it will take our crews time as the assessments continue into the morning.  

Never go near fallen power lines. If you encounter one, assume that it is still live and carries an electric charge. Stay away and call 911 and caution anyone nearby about the hazard. If you experience a power outage, report it right away through or by calling 615-736-6900 or by texting “OUT” to 637797(NESPWR) if you enabled the texting function on your account (register by logging in to your account at and accessing text alerts from the menu).

NES Outage Map: