NES Customers Win with Energy-Saving Effort

Nashville Electric Service (NES) customers are the big winner when it comes to energy savings. They’ve saved more than 19 million kilowatt hours (kWh) last year alone just by taking advantage of various programs and services offered by NES and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA).

As a result of this impressive performance, TVA recently recognized NES for its efforts to help customers lower their energy usage. Here’s where the savings add up:

Do-It-Yourself Energy Audits – Customers learn ways to save by taking a quick online energy survey and receiving a free energy-saving kit in the mail. NES is third overall with more than 1,450 participants.

Energy Right Solutions for Business – Business customers can receive rebates on high-efficiency lighting and heating and cooling equipment. NES placed third in the Valley for providing energy assessments and incentives for a combined savings of 12.7 million kWh.

Green Power Switch – Customers purchase renewable electricity from resources such as wind, solar and methane gas. Top performer in the Valley with over 65,000 blocks of renewable energy sold.

Green Power Providers – This program provides technical support and incentives for customers who generate their own renewable energy. Second overall in the Valley with approximately 6 MW of nameplate capacity.