2013 NES Annual Report Receives Award

Nashville Electric Service has been recognized by the American Public Power Association (APPA) for its 2013 Annual Report titled “Powering a Vibrant City.” The report is structured more like a magazine editorial than a corporate brochure and contains human interest stories that tie NES’ meaningful work, both on and off the grid, to Nashville’s energy.

The Award of Merit is given as part of a yearly annual report contest APPA holds to encourage and recognize excellence in delivering one of the industries most valued communication tools. Awards are presented to utilities that demonstrate ingenuity and creativity in copy, design, financial data and communicating the utility’s story.

APPA will present NES with the Award of Merit during the 2014 Customer Connections Conference held Oct. 26-29 in Jacksonville, Florida.

Click here to see the award winning 2013 Annual Report.