Making Nashville Stronger with Better Efficiency

It’s no surprise that Nashville’s housing market is hot right now. Everywhere you turn, new homes are being built. Most new construction is focused on energy efficiency standards. But for homes built before 1990 – some of the most beautiful homes in the South – making energy efficiency improvements may be an expense homeowners think they can’t afford. In actuality, they can’t afford not to.

That’s why NES and TVA are actively involved in helping customers better manage their energy usage. Through eScore, a program available to all Middle Tennesseans, homeowners are given expert advice and a clear path to increase their home’s comfort level and make it as energy efficient as possible while earning rebates on upgrades.

When Sophie Laster-Hazzard bought her 100-year-old East Nashville home in 2014, she was concerned about the air she was losing through the home’s original windows. She’d heard about the eScore program from a co-worker and decided to give it a try.

“I made a call on Thursday to set up an appointment and an eScore representative came out that Saturday,” Sophie said. “I work a 9 to 5 job, so it was great I didn’t have to miss work.”

A certified energy advisor spent about two hours inspecting Sophie’s house to see where she was losing energy and what type of improvements were available. Based on the evaluation, the advisor explained exactly what steps she could take to upgrade her home’s efficiency to prevent air loss and energy waste.

He even replaced all her light bulbs with energy-efficient CFLs.

“I was so worried about the old windows and doors,” she said. “But thankfully, because of the eScore evaluation, I learned that I could focus on my attic and adding better insulation to stop most of the air loss.”

Because she participated in eScore, Sophie can receive rebates on all qualified energy-efficient upgrades like attic insulation. However, the real reward is lower electric bills, better indoor air quality and a home Sophie can be comfortable in no matter what the temperature is outside.

From small changes like air sealing doors and windows, to larger-scale improvements like installing a new heat pump water heater, NES strives to help customers use energy wisely and lower their bills. Along with eScore, NES offers a variety of energy-saving tips and tools online at

With the right knowledge comes the power to save and NES is here to help.