Assistance for Overdue Power Bills

NES is equally committed to powering Nashville and to our customers’ well-being, especially when disaster strikes. And disaster has struck particularly hard lately.

Beginning in March, Nashville was hit with some of the most destructive weather in our city’s history, followed by COVID-19, a devastating pandemic. The damage to electricity lines, power poles and other equipment was challenging but NES stepped up. We restored power in record time, and eased Nashvillians’ financial burdens by waiving late fees, absorbing credit card fees and ceasing disconnections due to nonpayment through September 30.

Thousands of our neighbors in crisis took advantage of these recovery measures. We were happy to help and want to continue to do so by offering an extended payment plan for 12 months to ease financial burdens, in addition to resources for assistance.   We encourage customers to take advantage of this support today.



Financial Aid Is Available

NES customers concerned about catching up on overdue bills are urged to apply for aid immediately. There are multiple avenues for assistance, but some may be available on a first come, first served basis. Please don’t delay – apply today for any of the following programs:

NeedLink Nashville: Visit Those 75 and up or those who cannot apply online may call 615-269-6835.

In addition to the standard Project Help customer-donated funds available through NeedLink, NES and TVA have come together to establish the Community Care Fund which offers matching funds totaling $350,000. These funds will go directly to NeedLink Nashville for management and administration to customers in need of assistance.

United Way 211: Visit, call 211, or text your zip code to 898-211. United Way’s website also offers resources for help with food, mental health, and unemployment. Visit and scroll down to “Get Help.”

Metro Action Commission: Visit; call 615-286-8860, ext. 70100; or email [email protected].

Mid-Cumberland Community Action Agency: Visit


Installment Plan Eases Burden

In addition, NES has implemented a special payment extension to help ease financial burdens. Anyone with an overdue electric service bill has automatically been enrolled in an installment plan with no penalty. Beginning July 1, 2020, NES evenly distributed past-due balances into 12 monthly payments. These charges appear on each monthly bill, and customers who keep up with their payments going forward are assured service.

We’re Here for You

Even with the assistance and the payment plan, we realize some customers may still have difficulty paying their power bill, and the last thing we want is for a customer to have power disconnected. We are here for you and want to hear from you. Reach out and let us help you navigate through payment options.

NES Customer Relations – 615-736-6900
Monday – Friday, 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. and Saturday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.



The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly disrupted our lives, and many businesses have been hit hard financially. NES wants to ensure that you are aware of resources that may be available to help you with loans, grants and important information.

Tennessee Small Business Development Center: The Tennessee SBDC offers free advice to help you navigate this unprecedented event. Visit for information about financial assistance, tax relief and other valuable resources.

NFIB: The National Federation of Independent Business has a page dedicated to coronavirus resources and toolkits for small businesses. Visit

U.S. Small Business Administration: Click on the yellow banner at the top of the page for COVID-19 relief options and additional resources at

United Way: The United Way is working to coordinate with local government, nonprofit and association leaders to provide information and resources as quickly as possible at Click on the link at the top of the page for Small Businesses.

Hello Alice: Hello Alice is offering $10,000 Business for All grants to small business owners impacted by COVID-19, as well as a business resource center with funding resources and support for small business owners. Go to to apply or find resources.

We understand it may take some time to get back on your feet. That’s why NES has set up a 12-month repayment plan for your past due balance, starting with your July bill. NES is happy to help you keep your account balance under control however we can. Please send us an email at [email protected] or call us if you have any questions about the pay plan. Advisors are available to assist you with billing and payment questions 24×7 when you call 615-736-6900.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I know if my account is on an installment plan? If you have an outstanding balance of $50 or more when we read your meter in July, the installment plan will happen automatically. There will be a message on the front of your bill explaining it. On the back of your bill under “Your Statement Details,” you will see two detail line items called “Extended Payment Arrangements,” for the amount that was moved into the installment plan and this month’s installment, along with payments, credits, fees and charges. Starting in August, you will see the detail line item “Extended Payment Arrangements” beside the installment amount, in addition to the regular monthly fees and energy usage under “Your Statement Details” on the back of the bill.
  2. What if I prefer to pay the whole thing instead of having 12 installments? That is no problem. Please call or email us when you receive the July bill and we will cancel the installment plan.
  3. Can I pay off the balance early? Our system isn’t set up to treat the installment plan like a loan where you can pay extra on the principle. I am very sorry for the inconvenience. If you pay extra each month, it will be credited to the following month’s bill. If you want to pay the balance off in one lump sum, call or email us and we will cancel the plan so that your payment is applied to the balance.
  4. I don’t really need 12 months, but I can’t pay it all at once. What options do I have? We are happy to adjust the payment plan to fit your needs.
  5. Are you charging interest? We are not charging interest or late fees on the deferred balance.
  6. I am planning to move within the next year. Will the installment plan transfer to my new address? The remaining balance of the plan will be added to the final bill and transferred to the new address. If you want to set it back up, we can look at the number of payments you had left and create a new plan for that many months after you move. OR…If you are moving out of the NES service area, the balance of the plan will be due with the final bill.
  7. If I get behind, will I be disconnected with the special arrangement on my account? Starting in August, we will follow the normal collections process. If the amount due is not paid in full, you will receive a 7-day disconnect notice for the remaining balance on the next bill. You can extend the cut off notice if you need more time. It will not affect the installment plan unless your service is disconnected for nonpayment, and you don’t pay to get it restored within seven days.
  8. Can I get an extension with the special arrangement on my account? You can still make a credit hold as long as you have only one overdue bill. We do not extend the cutoff notice for 60-day balances.